65th Anniversary Trek

A blog from the trail by Helen and Anita

Blog: The adventure of a lifetime

A group of 26 Kiwis are currently on the adventure of a lifetime as they set out to reach Everest Base Camp on May 29 – the 65th anniversary of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay’s historic ascent.

Their 19-day trek through the mountains will include time volunteering at a local school and helping build a safe water system at the remote village of Musey.

Two of the trekkers, Helen and Anita, are blogging from the trail to tell us all about their personal experience as they go.

“Adventure is out there” – Helen, 14 May

We’re currently eight hours into the first leg of our flight to Kathmandu, Nepal. It’s hard to believe that just 10 months ago I talked my partner into signing up to the Himalayan Trust Trek to Everest Base Camp. He thought it was another one of my crazy ideas, and probably thought I was a little mad when I told him that I’d already put the deposit down and there was no backing out now!

At the time, 10 months seemed like plenty of time to prepare ourselves for 19 days of hiking at altitude, plenty of time to get our gear sorted and most of all, plenty of time to get used to the idea of leaving our six-year old daughter at home with Nana for five weeks.

Yet, here I am on this long flight wondering if I’ll be fit enough, if I’ve packed everything I need, and whether the internet connection will be strong enough in those remote Himalayan villages to Skype our little girl.

Far outweighing those persistent jitters though is an awesome feeling of excitement. In a couple of days we’ll be meeting up with the rest of our tour group in Kathmandu before flying into Lukla airport, the gateway to the Everest region.

Musey village where the trekkers will help build a new water system.

As part of our itinerary we’ll be spending some time in the villages of Chaurikharka and Musey, helping out with a few projects currently being undertaken by the Himalayan Trust.

I’m a primary school teacher in South Auckland and the idea of visiting a small rural school that had been devastated by the earthquakes in 2015 was a really big draw card for me.

I’ve heard so much about the grace and kindness of the Sherpa and Nepalese people. I can’t wait to get off the beaten track and mix with the locals.

I think the absolute highlight of this trip for me though will be arriving at Everest Base Camp on the 65th anniversary of Sir Edmund Hillary’s ascent. To think we will be trekking through the same valleys, staring up at the same snowy peaks as such an iconic pioneer, a true New Zealand icon, will truly be a dream come true.

Our young and very wise daughter made me a poster a few weeks ago and in fancy, rainbow lettering she had scrawled across the top “Adventure Is Out There!” It sure is, and I’m so looking forward to starting this adventure of a lifetime.

The most astounding landscapes in the world – Anita, 13 May

Anita, right, with friend Bridget doing a training walk on the Tongariro Crossing.

I first heard about the Himalayan Trust in 2015 when I did some fundraising following the Nepal earthquakes. My friend Amy and I got people to sponsor us to walk up and down Mt Victoria in Wellington. When I heard about this trek late last year it really piqued my interest as my parents and other friends had spoken so highly of travelling in Nepal. It stuck with me and before I knew, it I’d signed up!

Over the past few months I’ve loved getting outdoors, walking every weekend in the hills around Wellington and listening to podcasts or having great conversations with friends along the way.

Everyone taking part in the trek also raises funds for the Himalayan Trust’s work. I’ve been overwhelmed by the support of people donating to my fundraising page and coming to a movie fundraising night that I held at Cuba Light House cinema (even if the movie The Mercy was a bit harrowing at times!).

I leave in just a few days. It hasn’t hit me yet at all that I’m about to be surrounded by some of the most astounding landscapes in the world. I’m a bit nervous about the fitness and altitude but I can’t wait to meet my fellow hikers and our Nepali crew and start on this amazing adventure.

I recently decided to have a bit of a change career-wise, so I think this will also be a great chance to ponder life and next steps up high in the mountains.

Thank you to all our trekkers

All the trekkers are also helping raise funds towards the Himalayan Trust’s work to bring quality education, safe water and better healthcare to remote communities in the Everest region.

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