Since the 1960s when Sir Ed built the first school in the Everest region, New Zealanders have been working through the Himalayan Trust to reduce poverty, improve education and health, and bring safe water to remote communities in Nepal.

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world. Over half the population live on $3 a day or less. Many families often need to walk for hours to reach basic services like safe water, health care and schools. 

With the ongoing support of New Zealanders, we’re working to change this and transform lives in the Everest region.

Descent Challenge 2021. Ski for Change.

Are you looking for a challenge this winter? Tackle the Descent Challenge this August and ski down the height of Mt Cook, Mt Everest, The Triple Crown, or The Seven Summits. 

Put your skiing turns to good use by raising funds for the Himalayan Trusts’ education projects in the Everest region of Nepal. Sign up now!

Pick from one of the four challenges to complete throughout the whole month of August.

Everest Day.

On the 29th of May 1953 Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay summited the highest mountain on earth; Chomolungma/Mt Everest.

This achievement built a relationship between two countries that continues to this day. Sixty eight years later the Himalayan Trust wants to celebrate this connection between New Zealand and Nepal.

Fiver For Ed

By giving a ‘Fiver’ to Ed’s Himalayan Trust, you can support the work in Nepal that he dedicated his life to. 

A ‘Fiver’ can make a huge difference in contributing towards improving healthcare, education and sustainability. 

A Fiver for Ed is part of the Himalayan Trusts annual fundraising campaign; Everest Day.

Donate a Fiver today and inspire others to support our vital work in the Himalaya. 

A message from Himalayan Trust’s chairperson and Ed Hillary’s son.

On the anniversary of the first ascent of Mt Everest on the 29th of May, 2021, we will celebrate ‘Everest Day’ for my father’s Himalayan Trust. As the chairperson of the board I am proud to continue my family’s legacy and provide essential support to the people of the Solu Khumbu in the Mt Everest region. 

The Hillary family has a close relationship with the people of Everest as do many New Zealanders. The close ties between Nepal and New Zealand have held strong since my father summited Mt Everest in 1953 alongside Tenzing Norgay. 

So what are we doing for Everest Day? By giving a ‘Fiver for Ed’ you can support education, health and environmental programmes in Nepal, to which Ed dedicated much of his life. If we all give $5 we can make a huge difference to Nepal as they struggle to get through the pandemic and the impacts on their mountain economy.

Thank you for your support.