Signed $5 banknote

Limited edition, commemorative $5 banknotes, signed by Sir Edmund Hillary – raising funds for the Himalayan Trust.

Himalayan Trust has mint condition, genuine, uncirculated banknotes signed by Sir Ed available to purchase. 

  • The only official signed $5 banknotes authorised by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.
  • Limited edition: serial numbered banknotes available from BA000001 to BA001000.
  • Genuine collectors items as the $5 banknote is soon to be replaced by coinage.
  • A unique collector’s item, with a likely prospective accrual value never to be repeated.

Each official $5 note is presented in an attractive commemorative folder containing information about the design elements depicted on the banknote along with copies of authentication letters from Sir Edmund Hillary’s Himalayan Trust and the Governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.

Contact Himalayan Trust fundraising manager Tim Kay for more information and to buy your limited edition $5 banknote:

With thanks to the Mt Victoria Rotary Club for donating these unique collectors’ items.

“The Himalayan Trust raises money for the Nepalese people living in the shadow of Everest, and I do hope you will choose to support our worthwhile projects through the Mt Victoria Rotary Club fundraising initiative.”

Sir Edmund Hillary