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Getting a good start in reading and writing is an essential foundation for future learning.

Yet literacy levels throughout Nepal remain low, preventing too many bright, keen and deserving young people from fulfilling their potential.

You can help improve early literacy learning for young children. You can help provide the best story books and literacy materials, as well as furniture and carpets to make comfortable, engaging reading corners. You can help teachers receive regular, ongoing coaching in the classroom to help them teach reading and writing more effectively. With a nurturing and inspiring environment, children can learn and thrive.

Donate today and help invest in the education of children in the Everest region:

  • $50 could buy a bundle of early literacy books for children in Grades 1-3 (five- to eight-year-olds).
  • $300 would provide one week of in-classroom coaching to empower teachers to teach reading and writing more effectively.
  • $580 could set up a carpeted reading corner where books are displayed for the students and where the teacher can read stories to the class.

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