An update on COVID-19

The latest from our friends in Nepal
A smiling Nepalese woman hand-washing clothes

An update on COVID-19

To all our supporters and friends, we hope you and your family and whānau are keeping safe and well during this difficult period.

In times of isolation it is worth remembering that there are many important things that still connect us. Our commitment to fulfilling Sir Ed’s proud legacy and supporting our friends in Nepal remains a shared goal.

The Himalayan Trust team have always worked from home, so we are well equipped to carry on as much of our work as possible and to remain connected with our programme delivery partners in Nepal. Their reports indicate similar levels of concern and action by the authorities in Nepal with borders, offices, schools and businesses are being closed. Obviously, this makes the delivery of our signature education programme a challenge, but we are committed to supporting our partners in any way we can.

With no tourist traffic into the Solukhumbu region we know that economic hardship will soon bite. The only thing we can be certain of is that people and communities will need your help to recover.

We are working with our partners in Nepal to determine how best we can help. But we know that this will be one of the toughest challenges since the devastating 2015 earthquake. Your support right now will help us respond quickly to cushion the blow of COVID-19. If you can, please donate here.

We will stay in touch with any updates to the developing situation in Nepal.

We are in this together and together we will recover.