Partnership for success

Partnership for success

Thanks to all our local partners Action for Nepal, Himalayan Trust Nepal, and REED-Nepal, for their great work to upskill teachers and encourage child-centred practices.

Together, we’re also working to strengthen community involvement in schools and build partnerships between parents and teachers to help children get the best start at school.

Janikala Sundas has a daughter at the school in Sano Gumela. “Before, we did not know if our children were doing good or bad at school. The most important change for me has been reading with my daughter, being involved with school and making sure she can get an education and a good future.”

Head Teacher Biruman Rai told us what a huge difference child-centred teaching practices had made at his school: “In the past, I found children were frightened of teachers but now, the children want to chat with us. I am so happy to see this change in my school and to see parents and teachers working together for their child’s education.”

Give the gift of education