X7A1622There are lots ways you can raise funds to help build a better future for communities in Nepal. The most important thing is to have fun and to know that your efforts will make a huge difference.

Every donation, large or small will bring education, healthcare and safe water to communities in the Everest region of Nepal – and help keep Sir Ed’s legacy alive.

You could take on a personal challenge such as The Summit Challenge or trek with us, hold a bake sale, or perhaps an auction or mufti day. We’ve got plenty of resources and fundraising tips to help you get started.

Fab fundraising ideas

If you’re organising your own fundraising event, please let us know at or use the fundraising form below, and we’ll do everything we can to help you make it a success.

Tips for successful fundraising

Set your goal

Once you’ve decided what your fundraiser will be, whether it’s a bake sale or a personal challenge, you need to decide how much money you aim to raise. Aim high when setting your fundraising target. The higher the target, the more people will give! Once you’ve worked this out, set out your plan and your timeline.

Online fundraising

Online fundraising pages are a really easy way to let people donate to your cause. If you think an online page would work for your fundraiser, take a look at the Everyday Hero website  – it’s really simple and easy to set up. You can personalise your page by adding a photo, your fundraising target and your personal story to tell everyone why you are raising funds for the Himalayan Trust.

Spread the word!

Once decided what and when your fundraiser will be, tell everyone about it! The more people you tell, the quicker you’ll reach your goal.

You can promote your fundraiser on Facebook and other social media – and if you’ve set up an online fundraising page make sure you include the link.

Your local newspaper may be interested in hearing about your efforts too. Send them an email and let them know what you’re doing and why.

Email your contacts

Often the most effective fundraising is a simple email to all your work colleagues, family and friends. Just tell people what you’re doing and why, and provide a link to your fundraising online page if you have one.

Don’t forget to always acknowledge and thank your supporters for their donations.

Some helpful resources

Here’s a short video presentation (2.25min) that gives you and your friends and supporters a great overview of the Himalayan Trust’s work and impact in the Everest region of Nepal.

Watch the video

For useful materials, click here to see our page of banners, logos and pictures for you to use as well as other files for your social media accounts. If you have specific requirements, just email us and we’ll do our best to put something together. Your fundraising efforts mean a lot to us and will have an enormous impact on countless lives.

Download Resources


Books in schools

Can buy reading and stationary books for 10 children in a region where books are a luxury that many families and schools can’t afford.

School equipment

Can fund equipment to kit out a high school science lab.

Desks and benches

Can provide desks and benches for 20 children at schools damaged in the 2015 earthquakes.

A toilet block

Can build a safe sanitation facility at a school damaged in the 2015 earthquakes. 

Our fundraiser guidelines

The Himalayan Trust represents Sir Edmund Hillary’s legacy and we are committed to making a difference in Nepal.

It’s important that your fundraising event, which will carry the logo and represent our name, aligns with our goals as an organisation: to empower communities and reduce poverty in the Everest Region and Nepal.

When organising your event, please make sure that it:

If your event fits these guidelines and you’re confident your energy will result in a good return, then you’re ready to go. Just e-mail us at to let us know the details.

You can do it

Our supporters do some amazing things to raise money for communities in Nepal. What will you do?

For a little more inspiration, check out some of our recent fundraisers:

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