Could you climb the height of Everest?

Climb every mountain

The Himalayan Trust and Kathmandu are challenging you to climb 8848m this March to celebrate 100 years since the birth of Sir Edmund Hillary.

The challenge will raise funds for life-changing education and healthcare projects in the Everest region of Nepal. The Summit Challenge can be done anywhere, anytime this March.

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“I loved the challenge,” says Red Lunday de Waal, who challenged herself to climb every volcano in Auckland to complete the Summit Challenge in 2018. “It gave me great motivation to get outside every day and it was an inspirational way to make a difference and raise funds for the Himalayan Trust’s work in Nepal. I’m looking forward to taking on the Summit Challenge again this March.”

While most participants who have signed up for the Himalayan Trust Summit Challenge plan to run, walk, bike or climb to ascend the height of Everest during the month (an average of 295m every day), others interpret the challenge more creatively.

Last year, one participant pushed her own bodyweight for 8848m at the gym, a preschool took 8848 steps with their four-year-olds, school students in Hawkes Bay read 8848 pages of books, and 91-year-old Ben Thomas walked 8848m along his local beach.

All the funds raised through the challenge will support the work of the Himalayan Trust.

“By taking part in the Himalayan Trust Summit Challenge, people will be helping to keep Sir Ed’s legacy alive,” says John Loof, General Manager of the Himalayan Trust. “The money raised will support quality education, safe water and vital healthcare for remote mountain communities in the Everest region of Nepal.”

If Sir Ed was alive today, he would be celebrating his 100th birthday in July 2019. Celebrate this special centenary with us by joining the 2019 Himalayan Trust Summit Challenge and helping continue Sir Ed’s life-changing work in the Everest region of Nepal.

Join the Summit Challenge!