Learning by Sir Ed's example

Developing the Himalayan Trust education pack

Learning by Sir Ed’s example

Angela Hampton, a teacher and Himalayan Trust Member and fundraiser, helped to develop the Himalayan Trust education pack for schools. The activities are aimed at Years 5 to 8 and take students on a learning journey through Sir Ed’s adventures in the Himalayas and his legacy of helping others.

Angela currently teaches Year 7 and 8 at Stratford Primary School and has also spent time trekking and volunteering in Nepal. Angela tells us why she was keen to help develop the Himalayan Trust education pack:

“What I learned about Sir Ed when I was at school really opened my eyes to what was possible for all of us. His example showed me I could achieve anything I wanted if I challenged myself. Sir Ed achieved great fame through his adventures, but he didn’t use his fame for personal glory, instead he used it to help others. That’s such an important story for our young Kiwis to hear and feel inspired to follow.

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“The Himalayan Trust education pack has been made by teachers for teachers and has everything a teacher might need to create learning in their class that is engaging and inspiring.

“Each topic has a variety of activity ideas from across the Curriculum. There are stories and photos, activities that encourage students to explore the Himalayas and learn about the people who live there, new and exciting ways to enhance students’ learning with technology, plus comprehensive background notes and information.”

“My favourite section of the pack is the Summit Challenge. It’s a rich task that consolidates the students’ learning and asks students to challenge themselves to help others. The students can finish their learning by feeling the same kind of pride and joy Sir Ed would have felt when helping the people of Nepal.”

“I hope students and teachers will not only enjoy what they learn, but also feel a sense of pride in what they achieve with the Summit Challenge.

“I also hope they also get an understanding of the special connection that we in New Zealand have with those in the Everest region of Nepal.

“With this year’s centenary celebrations of 100 years since Sir Ed’s birth, this is such a great moment for students and teachers across New Zealand to celebrate Sir Ed’s words of encouragement that we should challenge ourselves and work to make life better for others.”

Download the full education pack