Bung health post

New medical equipment making a difference

Making a difference in Bung

The local health clinic in the remote village of Bung now has new medical equipment and furniture, thanks to help from Himalayan Trust supporters.

Basanta Kumar Rai who manages the Bung health post explains what a difference this help is making:

“Our health post lacked furniture, equipment, curtains, a water heating system. Patients had to sit outside on the floor while waiting for consultation as there were no chairs. We did not have equipment to sterilise our instruments neither any drums to dispose the infected materials. All this raised the chance of spread of infection.

“We are delighted that with the support of Himalayan Trust New Zealand we have received all the necessary equipment and furniture. The health post is all furnished with floor carpets, window curtains and sheets and covers for table and beds.

“We have filters for drinking water and hot water thermos, which provides hot water for pregnant women and new mothers who deliver in our health post.

“We have a refrigerator to store vaccines for children and other necessary medicines. A new autoclave machine for sterilisation will help us to use and sterilise our new sets of surgical instruments and delivery sets and thereby help in infection control.

“We also received a projector which will be used for educational purpose. We can show the new mothers videos about newborn care and child care when they come for immunisations. It will be used to spread health awareness to the patients visiting the health post.

“We are really happy to have received this big support for our health post. It will help us make a huge difference in the life of our people.”

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