Improving literacy and learning in the early years

Getting a good start in reading and writing makes a huge difference to a child’s future learning.

The Himalayan Trust and our local partner, Action for Nepal, have recently launched a pilot programme at 11 schools in the Everest region of Nepal that will involve the whole school community, including parents, to improve the way literacy skills are taught and learned in the early years.

This is a four-year pilot that will involve continuous monitoring, evaluation and development of the programme by the schools and our education team.

Working closely with schools and the communities, we aim to build a successful and sustainable model for improving literacy and learning for boys and girls in early grades that can be rolled out to more schools in future.

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Getting a good start in reading and writing is an essential foundation for future learning. Yet literacy levels throughout Nepal remain low, preventing too many bright, keen and deserving young...
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Reading corners and the right resources

A major change that all the schools involved will need to make is the shift to grade or multi-grade teaching rather than subject teaching for Grades 1 to 3 (ages 5 to 8).

The main advantage of grade teaching is that it allows teachers to be with the same group of students all day and to get to know the individual student’s needs, strengths, and interests. The students themselves are also able to build a strong relationship with their teacher, giving them the opportunity to think, learn and thrive in a safe, supportive environment.

Our education team will provide regular, ongoing advice and coaching at the school for teachers and head teachers to help them implement this change.

We will also provide furniture where needed so that each classroom can have literacy materials on display and an attractive reading corner where the teacher will conduct reading lessons and read daily to the class.

We will be working with teachers to develop appropriate literacy materials and to source the best literacy materials produced in Nepal. The team will also support teachers to make the best use of any available resources, such as a maths kit comprised of pebbles, buttons, and other resources found in the local environment. 

Child-centred teaching

All the teachers involved in the programme will have regular coaching in the classroom on child-centred teaching methods and develop a greater understanding of how to inspire learning in their classrooms. Our aim is for children to have opportunities to engage with their teachers and other children in a challenging and nurturing classroom environment.

Teachers and head teachers will also receive in-school coaching in how to monitor and assess student’s progress as well as their own teaching performance. Collaborative monitoring of teacher performance and student learning by our coaches, teachers, head teachers, students and parents will ensure the whole school and the community are involved in the programme.

The whole school approach

The head teachers at each of the schools have a key role to play in providing positive support and leadership to their teaching staff.

The programme will also engage parents and encourage the support of the wider community in children’s learning. The schools will work with our education team to plan regular parent-teacher events at the school where parents can see examples of the children’s work and discuss their children’s learning and progress. Parents will be encouraged to read with their children at home as well – we know students will make much better progress if parents support them at home.

Window of opportunity

Thanks to our supporters, the Himalayan Trust has been supporting education in the Everest region since Sir Ed built the very first schools in the region in the 1960s.

A good education is the window to new opportunities. With your support, we can help more children access a quality early education and help them get the best possible start in life.

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