Elections, democracy and education in Nepal

Elections, democracy and education in Nepal

The general feeling in Nepal is that the recent local elections, the first to be held in the country in 20 years, have been a success, writes Prue Smith, General Manager of the Himalayan Trust.

Whilst there is still plenty of uncertainty about how the new Federal structure in Nepal will actually operate (see this article and this article in the Nepali Times), among young people in particular, there is real optimism.

With many young people voting in a local election for the first time, there can be no doubt this was a landmark moment for democracy in Nepal.

The elections raised a loud and clear call for greater transparency and opportunities for all, and this appears to be reflected in the number of young educated men and women who have been elected to represent their communities.

As Nelson Mandela said, education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. The Himalayan Trust is proud of the contribution it has made to education in the Khumbu, particularly as we learn that many of the newly-elected representatives attended a school built or supported by the Himalayan Trust.

We are always hopeful for strong, sustainable economic and social development in Nepal, and particularly in the remote mountains communities that we have supported for many years.

We wish well all the newly-elected local representatives as they take on the responsibility of decision-making and implementing sustainable local development in Nepal.