Safe water

Water changes everything

Nothing is more important to the health and well-being of communities than safe, clean water.

Ever since the 1960s when Sir Edmund Hillary helped build water tanks for villages in the upper Khumbu valley, improving access to safe drinking water has been a priority for the Himalayan Trust.

We are working with our local partners to bring safe water to more communities in the Everest region.

Safe water in Musey

Thanks to Himalayan Trust supporters, we are currently constructing a safe water system in the villages of Bubsa and Monjo. We have recently completed community water supplies in the villages of Lukla and Musey.

Our water systems:

  • are seismic resistant
  • pipe safe, clean water directly into homes
  • use a sand-filtration system to clean water
  • have large water storage tanks to provide water for irrigation
  • include fire hydrants
  • maintained by a small charge for using the water – local villagers are trained to fix and maintain the system

These safe water projects help improve the health and well-being of entire communities for decades to come. 

Give the gift of safe water

Safe water in Musey village

Himalayan Trust supporters helped the community of Musey in the mountainous Solukhumbu region to build a seismic-resistant water system that will supply safe water to homes in the village.

The system was completed in early 2019.

The new water system will pipe water to all 80 houses in the village, and includes a sand filtration system that will mean cleaner, safer water for the whole community. The system also provides water to irrigate crops and two fire hydrants.

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Safe water in Musey

Himalayan Trust supporters have helped the community of Musey in the mountainous Solukhumbu region to build a seismic-resistant water system that will supply safe water...
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The Lukla Drinking Water Project

0435With support from the Himalayan Trust, the Lukla Drinking Water project pipes clean, safe water underground to 200 homes and businesses, benefiting 3000 people.

The Lukla community worked incredibly hard to plan, build and invest in a modern, safe drinking water system.

Before the new system, people would have to use unreliable sources of water, often having to walk up to an hour to find water, and queue to fill heavy containers they carried home on their backs.

Investing in the future

While the Himalayan Trust provided seed funding to supplement the community’s own fundraising, the project is now self-sustaining with the use of a water meter system. Everyone pays a monthly bill for the water they use in their own home – and the funds are all invested back into the upkeep and maintenance of the system.


The income raised through the water meter system also funds the training and ongoing employment of two local people as maintenance technicians. Any profits are fed back into community-led and determined projects.

Fire safety

Following the installation of the new water supply in Lukla, locals and school children have been trained in fire safety and the use of fire hydrants to prevent the repeat of devastating fires over the past few years.


In pictures: bringing safe water to homes in the Everest region

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