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Hasely climbs 8848m for Nepal

Hasely climbs 8848m for Nepal

Last November, Himalayan Trust supporter Hasely Lobb challenged himself climb 8848m to help the community of Musey build their water system after it was destroyed in the 2015 earthquakes.

Hasely said: “I first visited Nepal in 2003, trekking to Everest Base Camp for the 50th Anniversary of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay’s historic ascent. Ever since the devastating earthquakes two years ago, I wanted to do something to help the people of the Everest region. Challenging myself to climb the height of Everest seemed like a fitting way to raise funds for Nepal.”

Hasely hiked and biked trails around Taranaki and climbed flights of steps around New Plymouth to ascend 8848m during November and he managed to persuade of team of 14 people around the country to join him.

“It was great that other people came on board – here in New Plymouth, in Wellington, Christchurch, even Australia!”

The team shared daily updates and encouragement through a Facebook group, and raised $9000 for the Musey Drinking Water Project.

This year, as a Summit Challenge Ambassador, Hasely will be sharing his tips for taking on this epic challenge and getting the most out of fundraising.

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