Where will you Summit?

The Summit Challenge is a great way to get fit and get out and about in your local area. Make a list of all your favourite places as well as some of the places you’ve always wanted to go to give yourself an added incentive to get climbing.

If you spread the challenge over the whole month, that’s an average climb of 295m per day to complete the challenge. Plan for how to get elevation when the weather lets you down!

Here are a few ideas of popular climbs around our beautiful Aotearoa:


Takarunga / Mount Victoria

    • Lowest elevation 40m
    • Highest elevation 87m
    • Elevation difference 47m

Maungawhau / Mt Eden

    • Lowest elevation 121m
    • Highest elevation 196m
    • Elevation difference 75m

Maungakiekie / One Tree Hill

    • Lowest elevation 107m
    • Highest elevation 182m
    • Elevation difference 75m


Veronica Loop Track

    • Lowest elevation 952m
    • Highest elevation 1125m
    • Elevation difference 173m

Davies Track / Kaitake Range

    • Lowest elevation 150m
    • Highest elevation 682m
    • Elevation difference 532m

Pouakai Crossing

    • Lowest elevation 952m
    • Highest elevation 1440m
    • Elevation difference 488m


Hakarimata Summit

    • Lowest elevation 40m
    • Highest elevation 374m
    • Elevation difference 334m

Wharauroa and Mahaukura Lookouts

    • Lowest elevation 200m
    • Highest elevation 850m
    • Elevation difference 650m


Tangi Te Keo / Mount Victoria Lookout

    • Lowest elevation 15m
    • Highest elevation 196m
    • Elevation difference 181m

Te Ahumairangi Hill Lookout from Thorndon

    • Lowest elevation 50m
    • Highest elevation 280m
    • Elevation difference 230m

Rangituhi Summit

    • Lowest elevation 100m
    • Highest elevation 468m
    • Elevation difference 368m


Rotokura / Cable Bay Walkway

    • Lowest elevation 70m
    • Highest elevation 410m
    • Elevation difference 340m

Lodestone summit

    • Lowest elevation 960m
    • Highest elevation 1462m
    • Elevation difference 502m


Christchurch Adventure Park

    • Lowest elevation 20m
    • Highest elevation 400m
    • Elevation difference 380m

Rapaki Track

    • Lowest elevation 17m
    • Highest elevation 335m
    • Elevation difference 319m

Te Ahu Patiki / Mount Herbert

    • Lowest elevation 10m
    • Highest elevation 920m
    • Elevation difference 910m

Mount Oxford, North Canterbury

    • Lowest elevation 370m from Coopers Creek
    • Highest elevation 1364m
    • Elevation difference 996m


Mount Iron

    • Lowest elevation 361m
    • Highest elevation 558m
    • Elevation difference 197m

Roys Peak

    • Lowest elevation 347m
    • Highest elevation 1,578m
    • Elevation difference 1,231m


    • Lowest elevation 1,670m
    • Highest elevation 1,860m
    • Elevation difference 190m


Mueller Hut

    • Lowest elevation 760m
    • Highest elevation 1,800m
    • Elevation difference 1,040m

My Ollivier

    • Lowest elevation 760m
    • Highest elevation 1,933m
    • Elevation difference 1,173m

Mount John

    • Lowest elevation 720m
    • Highest elevation 1,031m
    • Elevation difference 311m


Signal Hill “Big Easy” Climb

    • Lowest elevation 33m
    • Highest elevation 299m
    • Elevation difference 266m

Chalkies Track

    • Lowest elevation 125m
    • Highest elevation 525m
    • Elevation difference 400m

Remember, before you go into the outdoors, tell someone your plans and leave a date to raise the alarm if you haven’t returned. To do this, use the New Zealand Outdoors Intentions process (external site) on the AdventureSmart website. It is endorsed by New Zealand’s search and rescue agencies and provides three simple options to tell someone you trust the details about your trip.

Leave No Trace – follow the seven principles of Leave No Trace to make sure you minimise your environmental impact whilst our walking and climbing in our beautiful backyard.

Can you help us improve this list?

Send us your favourite track, with the start and finish elevation details to fundraise@himalayantrust.org

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