Topic 1: Who’s on our $5 note?

Topic 1: Who’s on our $5 note?

Learning outcome

Students will brainstorm their current knowledge of Sir Edmund Hillary and map out what they would like to learn and questions they have. Students will build the foundations for learning about who Sir Edmund Hillary is and why he is a celebrated New Zealander.

Activity 1

Show the class a $5 note. Do the students recognise the person on the note? What do the students know about the man on our $5 note? Brainstorm what your class already know about Sir Edmund Hillary and why he’s famous. The class can share ideas and questions as a class or in groups and record them on a poster. Stick the $5 note on a whiteboard/poster paper and write on feedback from students. Or hand out sticky notes/coloured card for students to write their ideas on and then stick on the poster. Students can reflect on this knowledge at the end of the journey and consider what they have learned.

Activity 2

The class read together First to the Top by David Hill and Phoebe Morris. Update the
knowledge poster/whiteboard with facts learned from the book and add any new
questions and areas of interest for further research.

Next topic

Topic 2: Exploring Nepal and the Himalayas

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