Topic 2: Exploring Nepal and the Himalayas

Topic 2: Exploring Nepal and the Himalayas

Learning outcome

Students will explore Nepal, discover the geography of the Himalayan region and make comparisons with the geography of New Zealand. Students will start to consider how geography and environment affect people and their way of life.

Activity 1

Find out what students already know about Nepal and Mount Everest. Have a world map available or access to Google Earth or Google Maps. Can the students find Nepal on a map? Can they find the Himalayas and Mount Everest? Students then carry out research on Nepal and the Himalayas using the Let’s explore Nepal worksheet or based on their own interests and ideas.

What you need:

Handout 1: Let’s explore Nepal
Access to a world map or Google Earth/Google Maps

Activity 2

Review the facts and information learned in Activity 1 and then share the 10 Fast Facts handout with the students. Drawing on this new knowledge about Nepal and the Himalayas, students can work in teams to create their own quiz using Kahoot! Question builder and try it out with the class.

What you need:

Handout 2: 10 fast facts!
Access to Kahoot!

Activity 3

Students create their own Google My Map to track their learning as they progress through the topics. Students can add place markers to show the places and mountains they have discovered so far. The Google My Map can be updated at the end of each topic to include any new discoveries. Students can also add images and information to their Google My Map to record their learning. The Google My Map
worksheet has suggestions as a start but encourage the students to add as many places and as much information as they can.

What you need:

Handout 3: Create your own Google My Map
Video: Getting started with Google My Map

Extra activities

Maths activity: Create a chart to display the different heights of mountains in New Zealand and Nepal.
Art activity: Make torn paper pictures of mountains.
Maths/art activity: Make a Nepali flag or design and draw your own flag. See

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