Topic 4: Are we there Yeti?

Topic 4: Are we there Yeti?

Learning outcome

Students will learn about Ed’s next adventure to hunt for the Himalayan Yeti. Students will learn how and why Ed began his work helping improve life for his friends in the Himalayas during this expedition. Students will consider why building a school was so important and start to think about the value of education.

Activity 1

Read together the photostory Are we there Yeti? and watch the video clip of early Yeti sightings. Ask students to research different representations of the Yeti and see what more information they can find online. Use wall space to share favourite images or drawings of the Yeti.

What you need:

Photo story: Are we there Yeti?
Video: Hunt for the Yeti

Activity 2

Ed’s love of adventure extended even to the world of ideas. When others dismissed the idea of the Yeti, Ed decided to go and look for it himself. The legend of the Yeti continues to live on to and sightings are still reported today.

Ask students to investigate recent news and evidence of Yeti sightings and whether they believe the Yeti might exist. Discuss in groups and report back or write a short article on whether the Yeti might exists and/or whether we should keep looking for evidence.

Activity 3

The teacher reads with the class Dawa’s story on Handout 1: The first day at school. In groups and using a Padlet or poster to collect and record ideas, ask the students to discuss the following questions and report back to the class:

  • Why do you think Ed’s friends in the Himalayas asked for a school?
  • Do you think it’s important that you go to school?
  • What would you do if you didn’t go to school?
  • What do you think life would be like if you couldn’t read and write? What would be
    more difficult? Would anything be easier if you couldn’t read and write?

What you need:

Handout 1: The first day at school

Extra activity

Talk to an older family member about the kind of school they went to. What was different about school then and now? Find out three key differences and share with the rest of the class.

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