Topic 5: Burra Sahib

Topic 5: Burra Sahib –  The Great Man

Activity 1

Take a look at the Handout 1: Timeline of Ed’s help in Nepal and the photo collection. In groups or as a class, create a visual timeline of Ed’s projects in Nepal using the information provided and student’s independent research. Students could use posters, illustrations, Scratch animations,or PowerPoint. Or students could use Tiki-Toki, a web-based software for creating interactive timelines that can be shared online.

What you need: 

Handout 1: Timeline of Ed’s help in Nepal
Photo collection: Ed’s help in Nepal

Activity 2

Learn more about the building of Lukla airport, sometimes referred to as the most dangerous airport in the world. Watch the video clip about Lukla airport, in particular between 6-8 minutes where it talks about Ed and the local people working together to build the airstrip. Students can update their Google My Map with some of the schools and hospitals built by Ed, as well as Lukla airport.

What you need:

Video: Lukla Airport

Activity 3

Ask students why they think it was so important to Ed to help his friends in the
Himalayas. Students can write out some key words and phrases that describe why Ed
wanted to help his friends in the Himalayas and add these to the visual timeline you
made in Activity 1.

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Photo galleries

Check out more photos of schools, daily life, transport, trails and more in the photo gallery.

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