Topic 6: Life in the Mountains

Topic 6: Life in the Mountains

Learning outcome

Students will research the daily life and family life for similar-aged children living in the Himalayan region of Nepal today. Students will identify some similarities and differences of life, school, food and cultural practices in Nepal and New Zealand.

Activity 1

Ask students to examine the photo collection Meet Pemba and her family and read with the teacher the story on Handout 1: Story: Meet Pemba and her family. Students can answer the questions on handout 2 and complete the Venn diagram to display all the similarities and differences between their own home and Pemba’s home.

What you need:

Photo collection: Meet Pemba and her family
Handout 1: Story: Meet Pemba and her family

Handout 2: Worksheet: Meet Pemba and her family and venn diagram

Activity 2

Students can explore the Himalayan region using a map of Nepal or preferably, using Google Earth and Google Street View. Ask students to explore and research some of the villages in the Himalayas such as Lukla, Phakding, and Namche Bazaar. Can students find photos? What similarities and differences do they see? Students can update their Google My Map using suggestions in the Google My Map worksheet and their own research and findings.

What you need:

Create your Google My Map worksheet

Activity 3

Using handout 3, students learn how to say Namaste and a few other key phrases and work out their own Sherpa name.

What you need:

Handout 3: Sherpa names and say Namaste

Activity 4

Using handout 4 Kai in the sky, find out more about food in the Himalayas. Ask students to think about whether what we eat in New Zealand’s has been influenced by where we live and what is available?

What you need:

Handout 4: Kai in the sky

Activity 5

Ask students to write a letter to Pemba and her classmates Write a letter to explain about your own family and your home. What do you do in the morning before school? What do you like to have for breakfast? How do you get to school? Make sure students explain to Pemba about foods, places, or activities that they think might be different here in New Zealand.

Extra activities

Students could try out some local delicacies! Here are recipes for

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