Topic 7: School House in the Clouds

Topic 7: School House in the Clouds

Learning outcome

Students will research more about school life for similar-aged children living in the Himalayan region of Nepal today, many of whom attend schools built by Ed. Students will expand on their learning about the similarities and differences of life and school in Nepal and New Zealand.

Activity 1

Read together the story on handout 1 Meet Pasang and Nima and look at the photo collection of journeys to school, playtime and classrooms. Discuss what is different and what is the same about the school day in Nepal and New Zealand. Ask students to complete the Venn diagram on handout 2 to display their findings.

What you need:

Handout 1: Meet Pasang and Nima
Photo collection: Journeys to school, playtime and classrooms
Handout 2: Venn diagram: Comparing school in New Zealand and Nepal

Activity 2

Ask students to create a tally chart of how thet get to school. Record journeys to  school on good and bad weather days – is there a difference? Discuss how students would feel about living in a hostel at school versus walking a long way to school — can students think of positives and negatives for each? Ask students what they would choose and make a graph to display how many people choose to stay at the hostel and how many choose to walk to school. 

Activity 3

Ask students to find Chaurikharka and Everest Base Camp and add them to their Google My Map.

What you need:

Create your Google My Map worksheet

Activity 4

What do Pasang and Pemba (from Topic 6) say they want to be when they grow up? Ask your students to discuss what they want to be when they grow up. Do they need to go to school to be able to do this? Are the jobs people choose affected by where they live?

Activity 5

Having learned about daily life and school life in the Himalayas and thought about similarities and differences between New Zealand and Nepal, students can use this knowledge to make a group or class video or photo story about their school and/or school day. Make sure students think about what children of their own age in Nepal might find interesting or different. Encourage students to make the story as personal and as unique as possible.

What you need:

Laptop with PowerPoint and camera to make a photo story. Or iPad,camera or other recording device to make a short video.

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