Topic 9: Do something

Topic 9: Do something

Learning outcome

Students will think about whether the actions of one person can have an impact and think about how we can work together to tackle challenges.

Activity 1

Ed said: “If you have plenty – more than enough – and someone else has nothing, then you should do something about it.” Ask students to consider: how did Ed being part on 1953 expedition impact on life for Dawa, Pemba, Pasang – and everyone in the Himalayan region of Nepal?

Ask students to create a poster to display Ed’s legacy. Place a photo of Ed in the centre of the poster and in writing, photos or drawings, add to the poster examples of his legacy and his impact in Nepal and New Zealand.

Activity 2

For inspiration as students start to think about their legacy and the School’s Summit Challenge, watch For the heroes: A pep talk from Kid President.

What you need:

Activity 3

Ask students to think about the meaning of a legacy. Use handout 1: What is a legacy to help students think about some of Ed’s most important life accomplishments. Students can then think about their own hopes for their personal legacy this year and what they might need to do to accomplish it. This activity can also help students begin to think about the School’s Summit Challenge.

What you need:

Handout 1: What is a legacy?

Extra activity

Ask students to research or learn more about the colours and symbols on the prayer flags. Next, students can make their own prayer flags with messages about a future legacy – perhaps a personal challenge/dream/hope for the future or a legacy they want to leave.

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