Delivering safe water to Bubsa and Monjo

Safe water will be delivered to homes.

Water changes everything

Thanks to Land Rover New Zealand and our amazing supporters, the lives of 900 people in the villages of Bubsa and Monjo are being transformed. Together we are helping build seismic-strengthened, safe water systems.

Nothing is more important for the health and wellbeing of families than safe, clean water. Yet for many people in the remote regions of Nepal, access to clean water remains a huge challenge.

Many villages have never had a reliable source of drinkable water. For others, their water source can become dirty and contaminated during the heavy monsoon rains. Then, during the dry season, which lasts most of the year, water sources often dry up. Women, children and grandparents spend hours each day walking to collect water.

Thanks to our supporters, we are building a system of water tanks, pipes, taps and water hydrants, capable of collecting and storing enough water for daily household use and to irrigate crops. The water will be cleaned through a sand-filtration system and then delivered directly into homes. Local water committees will be trained to maintain the water systems to ensure safe water is accessible for generations to come.

The work is already underway in Bubsa and will be starting soon in Monjo.

With safe water, the health of families will improve. Children will have more time for schoolwork. Women will have more time to spent on productive activities like growing crops to eat and to sell for an income – all thanks to the incredible generosity from Land Rover and our supporters.

In numbers

  • 900 people in Bubsa and Monjo villages will have access to safe water
  • 67 homes in Monjo connected to safe water by 5km of pipes and 2 reservoir tanks
  • 116 homes in Bubsa connected to safe water by 15km of pipes from 16 reservoir tanks
Safe water will be delivered directly to homes in Bubsa and Monjo.
Safe water will be delivered directly to homes, saving time and the health of local people who will no longer need to carry heavy water containers from the water source to their homes.

Make a donation and help change lives with the gift of safe water.

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