Water: the most important part of life

Meet Pandi from the Musey Drinking Water Committee

Water: the most important part of life

“Water is the most important part of life – without it we can’t do anything,” says Pasang Diki Sherpa (known as Pandi to her family and friends).

Pandi lives in Musey Village, which is about a 30 minute walk from Lukla in the mountainous Solukhumu District.

She is also a member of the Musey Drinking Water Project committee and in a recent interview, Pandi explained why they urgently need to build a new safe water system in the village.

Earthquake-damaged water tank

Earthquake-damaged water tank

Why does the community want to build a new water system?

The water project is mainly concerned with the health of children and old people. Water is the main part of life. If we get enough water, we can maintain good sanitation, and grow vegetables for health and income. With no water, we can do nothing.

Was the water supply affected by the earthquakes?

The earthquakes in 2015 seriously affected drinking water in Musey. The earthquake broke one water tank and then floods washed out the remaining tank. The shaking made cracks in the ground which also took some of the water.

The Musey Water Committee

The Musey Water Committee

What is the role of the committee in the project?

As committee members, we have the responsibility to raise the awareness of the villagers about the importance of the project and water, to find funding sources, and to make decisions so that we can provide assistance to the villagers. We can think about difficulties in daily life in the village and help address those problems.

How do you think the new system will affect daily life for you, your family and the community of Musey?

After completing the project, we will have good quality water to stay healthy. We will be able to grow good vegetables and this also helps with generating income.

In the village we have quite a lot of greenhouses where people try to grow cash crops, but with a lack of water, it is difficult to grow vegetables.  At the moment, I have a drum under my roof, and from there I need to carry water to my greenhouse. A good water system will save a lot of time. Water is the most important part of life – without it we can’t do anything.

2016_02_20_nepal_himalayan_trustsamtarling_mg_0303Thank you for supporting the Musey water project

Clean water really does change everything.

When you give clean, safe water, you give women like Pandi a chance to grow food, generate income, and improve the health of her grandchildren.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the Musey Water Appeal.